Pussy Cat Will Play, Husband Away

Cindy and Gene had been married 18 years. Cindy had an affair about
eight years ago but never told Gene. She has found men attractive for
the last few years and had many fantasies about the men in her life.
She knew Gene would kill any man who tried anything with her, and he
certainly could not accept her thinking about jumping into bed with
another man!

Kathy's Party (cheat wife)

Kathy was really pleased the way the party was going. It was her
husband Pat's 35th birthday party, but it was also a welcoming
party for Nailene and Ben, even though they had lived in the
neighborhood for the last six months.

The Painter - Part 2

I have received several emails after posting my last story asking for more happenings that I have recorded. While there have been many very good scenes, and I wish that I could share them all with you, I have included one of the best below.

The Painter

I had been suspecting that my wife was having an affair for some time. It's hard to describe how, I just had a feeling that something was going on. She started dressing differently for work, she was acting different and there were many other little things that made me begin to wonder if she was seeing someone else.

A Marriage Which Was A Convenience For A Nympho!

My name is JoAnn and I am a sex object! I had my first sexual encounter when I was 19. Perhaps a late starter but I suddenly seemed aware of myself! My classmates that year at college were a horny lot and, although mostly the same ages as myself, were very eager to have sex with anyone who was willing to participate! I was still a virgin and although I had been playing with myself for a couple of years and had experienced lots of wonderful orgasms I had never been fucked! I definitely wanted to be fucked and made it known to several of my classmates when we were having a confidential discussion about sex. 

Wife's Date

Well it's one thirty AM Friday night and I'm going stir crazy waiting for my wife to return home. She just called and said that she would be home around 2:30. You see tonight I gave her permission to date another man. Not knowing what else to do I decided to try to write down my feelings. I guess I should start at the beginning.

The State Cop

Last year, around Christmas time, I was back on the East Coast for Christmas break. I had borrowed my brother's new Corvette, (Brother is a newly licensed physician) and headed out to a Christmas party in the Highlands. This was the first time I had been separated from my SO in a year, so I guess I was feeling a little unattached. I got to the party and it was wonderful. I had a couple of champagnes and danced away most of the night. At 1 am my ex- boyfriend from high school came in with his newly acquired fiance. I hadn't seen Danny in 3 years, and I was a little taken aback. I had a terrible crush on Danny when I was in high school, he was 3 years older, and into motorcycles, which I had no interest in, and I was a terribly inexperienced virgin, by choice, so Danny had little use for me romantically. 

Shirley's Party Night

It was Shirley's party night so instead of going out to a bar she invited some friends over to party at her house. There was quite a few good looking guys with hot looking dates there. Shirley had her eye on a few of them. Tony, Brian, Randy, Tom and Eddie. They didn't know it yet but by the time the night was over she would have them all. They were the hottest guys there. With the hottest dates, who thought they were the most beautiful girls any guy could lay eyes on. Little did the girls know, the guys were tired of girls who worried more about their looks rather that having fun. 

Mama mia! It's Ria! Another True One

If you've read any of the Angie series, you already know about Angie. She lived with her divorced mom until she was 35 when I got her to move into her own place. And even then, she hung around her mom's house a lot of the time. That's how I got to be a regular around there -- her brothers had both moved away, and all those little things that need fixing around the house just kind of became my responsibility.